YouTube – is it really only 8 years?

YouTube – one of the most popular websites

What is the first online website you would visit if you want to see a music video? In most cases the answer is – YouTube. It is the world’s third most visited website after Google and Facebook. The daily iconographic website presents its steps to success in a very interesting, visiual way.  According to the graph, since you’ve started reading this article more than 72hours of videos have been uploaded. Impressive, isn’t it?

This virtual library gives you quick and easy access to any kind of music, news, tutorials ect. You can watch live performances of your favourite artists, find many interesting interviews or even post your own video online and become an overnight sensation.

For all those reasons, for many people it seems like YouTube exists as long as the internet itself. Well it’ s not. YouTube exists only 8 years and it’s continually growing. There was a time that it has been known as a platform only for commercials and music videos. However it has significantly changed throughout that time. Nowadays everyone can be a successful user!

Five the most popular ways ordinary people use YouTube.

1. Reviews 

If you are not sure whether the product is worth buying you can always check the reviews online. On YouTube not only people express their opinion, point out pluses and minuses but show the real usage possibilities of certain product and compare it with other products, so that you can check if it meets your demand. That gives an ordinary person a way to help others in choosing the right product. That gives them a chance to express their own opinion and become another YouTube guru.

Tutorials on YouTube

2. Tutorials

Tutorials are the most popular content that people search for on YouTube? It has also become an important channel for relaxation and study. You can find many video tutorials to give you tips or guide you through doing something new. “DIY’ tutorials have also become very famous. This is yet another way of showing your skills a wide range audience. Do you know how to create a website, put on fake eyelashes or learn the cha-cha from one simple video? You can be a ‘YouTube teacher’ in any discipline you are good at.

3. Vblogs ( Video Blogs )

Vblogs have elevated blogging to a different level. They are very popular on YouTube. Vloggers are free to make their content about whatever they desire. However, what’s the most important ,Vlogging gives an average citizen an audience and a chance to make their voices heard.

Parodies and funny content are the most popular on social media.

Parodies and funny content are the most popular on social media.

4. Parodies – Funny content is what the YouTube is known from, for most people. People remember videos and pictures that has made them laugh. They are more likely to comment and share funny content with their friends. That’s why YouTube is full of different kinds of parodies, pranks and funny videos.

5. Talent show

There is lots of people who have extraordinary talent but no one has noticed it. YouTube is a place where they can finally show what they are able to do and get some attention. It’s a perfect place to find their own audience who will listen or watch what they have to show. This is their time to be a star on this virtual stage of YouTube.

As you can see, nowadays YouTube gives you a wide variety of  expressing yourself in many different ways. It gives you also a great possibility to find an inspiration for further development.

Jenna Marbles is one of the most popular YouTube users. Some are calling her a “YouTube queen”. She is a great example to show that nowadays everyone can become a YouTube star. Even at New York Times website we can find a full interview with her.

Jenna is creating very interesting and in the same time funny content. She talks about thorny problems of young adulthood showing her great sense of humor.  Here is one of her video that gain more than 17 mln views.

One of her biggest success on YouTube is her Drunk Makeup Tutorial.




YouTube And Your Business

YouTube as another social marketing tool

YouTube as another marketing tool for your company


Already YouTube’s signature amateur content is giving way to professional fare that’s more attractive to advertisers.  YouTube universe has become a very useful platform for small and big businesses. You can use it to show off your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and create a long lasting relationship with customers. Almost every company or corporation is creating a branded YouTube channel.

So why haven’t you used this platform to its full potential yet?

Can YouTube expand your business?

Can YouTube expand your business?

Why should we create a YouTube channel for our business growth?

Makes your business more visible.

  • The YouTube channel can be a great extension of your brand’s promotion. It is yet another way to enlarge your audience. At  we can find a great article about best strategies and practice small and big business can use on their YouTube channel. Authors also have underlined the importance of making your brand visible. You can leverage your YouTube videos for SEO (search engine optimization). This platform is the second largest search engine after Google. Use it to your advantage and make your business even more visible and findable.

It shows different side of your brand.

  • Add depth to your marketing plan. Content on YouTube is definitely a different and more interesting type of promotion. Remember that video content is a way to capture attention, entertain or inform, and build a relationship.

Your YouTube channel as a multimedia story-telling.

  • Add some personality to your brand. YouTube is the easiest way to open yourself to your audience.  It’s  users are real people who expect interaction with other real people. Connect with them on every level using all of your tools in your social media campaign. You are no longer just words on a paper but instead have become a three dimensional person that people can relate to.

It is engaging and compelling.

  • Engagement is the most important word when it comes to all social media platforms. Consumer behavior has changed. Nowadays, they expect more from you. It is vital for brands to not only get subscribers attention but also maintain it. Give your followers a little more than a marketing message.  Thanks to YouTube you have a great possibility to do that.  YouTube is a social platform where funny content is one of the most popular ones. Do not be afraid to add some funny video to your channel. This is what YouTube users like to comment on, subscribe and share with their friends.  You have to stand out. Be extraordinary. Think about your audience and create a content that they desire.

Don’t know where to start?  At the you can find very interesting article that will show you the dos and don’ts of using YouTube brand account for your business.


YouTube is just another tool in your social media store which you use to make your customers’ lives simpler, less confusing, less alienating and  more efficient .  It can be very powerful platform if it is used well.

Even though there are several other video services on the Internet, none come anywhere near the success and prevalence of YouTube and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Even though YouTube didn’t exist 8 years ago , now it is taken for granted.


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